Msichana wa Kisasa

SEGA’s Modern Girl Program(Msichana wa kisasa – MK) 

The program consists of 2 core stakeholders. SEGA Graduates who serve as the Mentors and Peer Educators in the communities and the community girls aged 10-20 years old. This age is critical because these young women are at a critical age where they are the most at risk of being forced into an early marriage, having an early pregnancy, and dropping out of school.

Health Education and Sensitization

Our mentors collaborate with local health care professionals to teach young girls about diseases that have the ability to highly impact their life such as HIV & AIDS, Malaria, Breast Cancer, and HPV. They also discuss important women’s health issues such as menstruation and hygiene.

Life Skills Education

We focus on a series of activities geared to building confidence in both SEGA graduates and Our Life Skills Education program’s focus is to build strong, independent young women who have confidence, and self-awareness, and who also understand their rights as both women and children.

Financial Education and Entrepreneurship

Our MK program realizes how important financial literacy is to our programs future independence and success. We focus on teaching saving tips and techniques through entrepreneurship and operating a small business. 

Girls doing sports activities outside class

Having fun in a colloborative, supporative, and safe space is essential to de-stress, relax, and enjoy life! Our MK mentors encourage our students to showcase their tribes, history, and themselves through talent shows, dances, songs, traditional games, and sports.