SEGA graduated 58 students – 30 SEGA staff members train in child protection measures and advocacy – 1,426 MK participants to advocate for girls’ rights – 63 students enrolled in the SEGA Intensive English Language program – 50 graduates trained and demonstrated positive career readiness – 57 Form 3 developed entrepreneurial skills – 100% of all graduates display the ability to manage the home garden and respect natural environment – 100 scholarships provided for graduates to continue education in Tanzania.


Since 2016 -2% of graduates have obtained paying careers within the public and private sector – 4% of graduates are business owners – 9% are enrolled or have completed University degrees – 33% are enrolled or have completed Certificates and/or Diplomas – 46% are enrolled or have completed “A” level studies – 53% are currently in school or volunteering in unpaid labour.

Rhoda’s Transformational Story

Rhoda Daudi heard about SEGA through Church Session where they announced that the school was offering free, quality education to girls in underprivileged families and hoped she would receive a scholarship too. Rhoda was unable to continue with her education because of her difficult family’s financial situation.

Anna’s story of transformation

Anna Nyawale’s life before SEGA was very difficult. Her mother was a food vendor and could not afford to take Anna to a private school for her secondary education. She and her family faced so many financial challenges and Anna had no idea how she was going to help her family since she was very young and could not continue with school.