Entrepreneurship at SEGA

SEGA’s Entrepreneurship Program promotes the learning of practical life skills for starting and operating a business. The primary aim is to support students in contributing to their family’s household income. Beginning in Form 3 Students takes part in learning aspects of the school shop, poultry, and sewing. 


Monday – Saturday students operate a small school business. To do this they have: –

  • Creating a Simple Business Plan
  • Purchasing goods for sale and operating the business
  • Preparation of fresh snacks
  • Selling to customers
  • Customer service
  • Recordkeeping


Students learn how to raise broilers and native chickens:

  • Preparing a brooding house
  • Types of chicken feed and supplements
  • Recognizing and treating chronic diseases for poultry
  • Preparing a slaughtered chicken
  • Selling to customers


Students learn basic sewing and fabric processing skills:

  • How to operate a sewing machine
  • Designing and sewing various fabric products (for example, shirts, skirts, bed sheets and pillows)
  • Fabric color processing, such as batik and tie and dye
  • Fabric printing and embroidery