Education for Life

Education for life department is a special unit for supporting students on their well being, personal development, psychological support, this program focuses most on making sure students are well nurtured, advised and counseled to be outstanding citizens of Tanzania.

Life Skills Classes are scheduled on the School master timetable where girls get to learn about themselves, self-esteem, soft skills, communication, and sexual reproductive health.

Training and seminars focus on empowering girls to become change-makers in schools and in their communities some of the topics are Fight against Violence, Leadership Skills, and mentoring

Community Outreach is connecting students to the community by volunteering in different vulnerable communities such as orphanage centers, elderly care, people affected by disasters like flood

in Mentor Program students are trained as facilitators and they do mentor young girls in their community, the program has helped mentors grow in self-esteem, confidence, and get to know girl’s needs.

Career guidance exposes students to different careers by doing Career exposure trips and inviting successful speakers to inspire and advise students on how to reach their goals

Counseling meant to support girls with psychological issues for the betterment of their growth. Individual and group counseling is offered whenever the student needs Counseling support can meet counselors

Alumni event Divided into two parts.
Part 1: to bring back all Sega Graduate and share different issues, experience, and the new skills acquired from different Colleges.
Part 2: meet with in-school Students and inspire the students on performance and life at large