Why Give to SEGA?

SEGA recruits and supports more than 50% of vulnerable girls from difficult economic backgrounds and some difficult cultural norms that hinder a girl child from getting an education. Some grew up as orphans, others were reared in single-parent homes and others surviving under the supportive struggle of grandparents and economically unstable aunts and uncles, where good nutrition and personal health become a challenge. This subjects them to exploitation, abuse, sexual harassment, early pregnancies, early marriages and eventually containing the girl in the vicious cycle of poverty. 

Studies show that educating a girl has a big multiplier effect in improving the situation of her family and the community around her. SEGA intends to give a girl that kind of education. Any amount that you contribute will give girls the space to work toward their goals and improve their chances of reducing poverty in their own lives and in their communities!

Your support helps to educate and empower:

  • 282 girls at the SEGA Girls’ School
  • 217 graduates through Continuing Education Scholarships
  • 1,254 girls through the Modern Girl Community Outreach Program

Thank you!


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