Secondary Education for Girls’ Advancement (SEGA) is a Tanzanian non-profit organization (NGO) located near Morogoro town. SEGA has been operating since 2007 as a non-profit company and in 2019, SEGA became registered as an NGO bearing registration No. 00NGO/R2/000232. SEGA envisions a Tanzania where girls are confident OR possess confidence and women succeed in learning, earning, and leading social change. SEGA implements its activities with additional technical and financial support from Nurturing Minds, a United States 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (NGO) that is dedicated to improving the lives of Tanzanian girls through education. 


SEGA educates and equips bright Tanzanian girls with academic, leadership, and business skills to unleash their individual talents and reach their full potential.  With a particular emphasis on vulnerable girls, SEGA provides full scholarships for at least 50% of its student body.

  • SEGA Girls’ Secondary School provides quality holistic secondary education for girls in Form I up to Form IV..
    • SEGA follows the NECTA curriculum, with tracks of Arts, Sciences or Commerce
    • SEGA’s Entrepreneurship Program provides business planning and hands-on skills development through SEGA’s business club, poultry, student canteen, honey processing/beekeeping unit, sewing, and other projects
    • The Education for Life department offers students counselling, personal development, public speaking and leadership skills
  • Secondary School Scholarships: SEGA provides scholarships to at least 50% of its students, based on merit and economic criteria. Only students who are recruited, verified and selected through SEGA’s selection process and reside within the specified geographic regions are eligible for economic scholarships each year.
  • Students body:
    • 66% of students are awarded full scholarships based on financial hardships and/or vulnerability 
    • 18% of students are studying under academic scholarships 
    • 17% of students are paying
  • Post Fm IV Scholarships:  SEGA prepares its students for life after Form IV, through career counselling, internships and continuing education scholarships for eligible graduates to pursue “A-Levels” and university studies. 
  • Modern Girl Program: SEGA operates a community outreach program that provides life skills and basic entrepreneurship skills to girls and young women aged 10-20 years in students’ home communities. This program is currently active in three regions:
    • Morogoro Region: Mvuha, Mvomero and Morogoro town ,
    • Iringa Region: Iringa town
    • Dodoma City: Dodoma town.




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