Anna story of transformation


Anna Nyawale’s life before SEGA was very difficult. Her mother was a food vendor and could not afford to take Anna to a private school for her secondary education. She and her family faced so many financial challenges and Anna had no idea how she was going to help her family since she was very young and could not continue with school. She heard about SEGA from a community leader and decided to go ahead and apply to join the school fortunately Anna was offered a scholarship and joined SEGA. Anna shares that joining SEGA was a huge relief to her and her family.

Anna lives at SEGA.

She started SEGA in 2011 and was just thirteen years old. Anna’s road to her education was very hard. Since she had stayed at home for a long time, it was difficult for her to get back to the school environment. Through support from SEGA’s counsellor and teacher, Anna was able to start focusing on her studies and extra-curricular activities in school. She joined the drama club and was among the best singers and dancers at the school. Anna shared that her life at SEGA was extremely great, she had a clean place to sleep, nutritious food to eat, a clean uniform to wear and staff who listened to her when she had problems. The Life Skills Program at SEGA helped Anna to become a goal-oriented girl. The Career Trips at SEGA helped Anna to understand what she wanted to do after she graduated from SEGA. Anna graduated from SEGA in 2015.

Anna on duty at her office.


In 2016 Anna joined Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC TANGA) to pursue a Diploma in Records management with a few other girls from SEGA. SEGA continued supporting her through the Post Form IV Continuing Education Scholarship program. While at her college SEGA staff visited her to see how she was doing. Seeing SEGA staff visiting her was very encouraging and motivating. In 2019, Anna graduated from College with a Diploma in Records Management. Anna was very excited.

After receiving her Diploma, Anna began working at SAWA Organization. In a country where youth unemployment is high, this is a testament to Anna’s drive and a great education. She is grateful to be working with SAWA because SAWA works with women and children and that is what she wanted to do after school. The salary she gets from her job helps Anna to take care of her son and family.

Anna plans to continue with higher-level education once she has gotten enough work experience. She shares that she does not have the right words to thank SEGA but all she will do is impact other people in her community.

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